Wedding in the Village

Written by: Rachida – CorpsAfrica/Maroc Volunteer
Date: May 31, 2015

Dear readers, I hope you all are doing well. First of all, I do apologize because it has been a while since I updated you all on my daily journey. But these times have been full of eventful and hectic. As usual I am going to share/try to tell you all things in this blog. Recently I attended a wedding in my village really many things attracting my attention that is why I want to share it with you. As we know every part of Morocco has its own wedding culture which mixed with traditions and ceremonies differ from region to region in Morocco.

Before the wedding, the family prepared a lot like they painted the room where bride will enter/live when she will come, made homemade cookies, invited neighbors, bought different clothes for bride and so on so forth. After a few days, I heard that because he is from an unknown family in the village, they are afraid of the magic.

It was the day of henna party of bride which is typically for close women of the family/relatives also friends. They made henna to bride by singing traditional music (T3rija) and dancing with great fun and jokes. At the night the sister and brother of the bridegroom went to bring the bride. They arrived at about 1h a.m when the taxi stopped the brother of bridegroom carry the bride till enter to her room then found that the bridegroom waiting her. She looks so cute wearing white caftan making make up. I shocked when I saw her because she still so young but even that looks so happy. After she spent three days with her husband then her weeding start by bringing gifts and going to her family celebrating with them. But you know the bride has no right to go with us. She stayed with her husband at home. Anyway, we went and we found a bunch of girls and women waiting for us and they welcomed us by milk and dates.

The women attendants wore colorful traditional clothing. I felt as I am with my family. You know most of them were asking my host mum if I am a teacher who is living with her. My host mum looked proud of being with her. Women were sung with very beautiful, thin voices, wished a happy life to the bride by the way I sung with them and when everyone started dancing I danced too so as to enjoy the wedding celebration with them. During few minutes, women stopped singing and we enjoyed mint tea with cookies. Then, women and girls started to present their gifts some of them gave an amount of money to her mum.

Women sung beautiful music and dancing started over again. During that time, some members of family prepared traditional delicious meals for the guests. It was an unforgettable, lovely occasion. I met a lot of girls and women. Take a good care! ☺

Stay tuned, Rachida


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