In a War against Insects

Written by: Abderrahim – CorpsAfrica/Maroc Volunteer
Date: May 25, 2015

Currently, I am having a serious war against insects. I am fighting alone with very basic and simple weapons supplied from the Souk (weekly market).  My whole attention is given to them either during the day or at night. I have to fight not only one army but countless. Some of them appear and others do not which made me going crazy with this war.soussi

The war started when the summer opens its arms. In a very risky place where I live extremist unforgiving group of insects has been attacking people every day. The summer starts, the insects start their job. The majority of people think of flies, scorpions, or potato bugs and mosquitos as most common insects during the summer, yet there many other kinds that are very dangerous.

All kind of insects gathered to fight. Crowds of armies are taking lands and sky to reach their goal. We have three ethics in CorpsAfrica/Maroc we always make joke of as a group of volunteers. First, don’t die. Second, don’t go alone. Third, be flexible. Thus, I continuously keep watching out myself not to be a victim of insects. I clean the house all the time, I clean dishes, I often make sure my clothes are clean and far from targeted places. Furthermore, I open the windows in the morning and close them at the afternoon. The sun is one of my weapons.soussi2

One of the most activities I am getting familiar with these days and especially at night is killing all the insects around, turning off the light of the room where I sleep and turn on the light of other room thus they can go to the other one. I also make sure my place is safe before going to bed. I take a look in every single corner of the room. soussi3

Many people are highly allergic to mosquito bites and I am one of them. My dear friends, I cannot fight alone anymore. I need your help. What should I do to protect myself from mosquito bites? What can you do if you were me?


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