Call for Change

nadia1Written by: Nadia – CorpsAfrica/Maroc
Date: May 10, 2015


In rural areas, women and girls can often be excluded from social, educational and political roles that could help them make a lasting difference to their communities. Many are responsible for both the household chores and work to provide for the family, leaving them with little time or no incentive to attend school.

Now women in my village are fighting to change that pattern. They are seeking to change their reality, get recognition and most important to express themselves.

Frankly, I was so confused about how to convince almost of women in my village to participate in my program, which is based on empowering women and developing their skills, through learning how to read and write, Moreover, I hope they participate in awareness workshops. It took me so many days to get their approvals.

International Women’s Day was a very nice occasion to meet them and explain why and how they have to get involved in social-economic and political life. They were about 18 women and a few young girls. Once we started, we began talking about what is International Women’s Day? Everyone seemed surprised, even some educated girls. I have realized that someone isolated and far away from the outer world could not make the difference between days of the year. None of them would speak up nor try. Only one small lady in the back she whispered: it is the day when all women of the world celebrate? But what kind of celebration these women have to present? What I mean by celebration not typical party or crowds of people everywhere. But mainly recognize their rights and duties.

In addition, to appreciate in them and recognize that strong faith they have in their families and communities that can make a huge difference. Through challenging the tough life in mountains everyday to keep their children alive, when staying faithful to their husbands though they are working for a long time in another side of the world, when speaking up for the rights of their kids and forget about theirs. Furthermore, I can, still, see some families have just little food to eat and they would rather feed their kids instead of feeding themselves….

I honestly bow to these women. And how they see life make my vision toward life different as well.nadia3


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